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Fundraising whisperer's toolbox

100+ templates, guides, tools and resources for volunteer fundraisers

The Fundraising Whisperer's Toolbox is a treasure trove of resources for school and club volunteers. We have honed this collection over many years so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Login or become a member below to access.


What's in the toolbox?


101 fete stall ideas mega guide ebook

Dive into a world of creativity with our comprehensive eBook, meticulously curated to elevate your fete experience. After years of event expertise, we present 101 brilliant stall ideas designed to make your fete unforgettable. (and stress free)

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Helpful to-do lists for fete stall convenors

Designed for seamless event management, these invaluable resources provide clarity and organisation, making the planning process a breeze for both seasoned organisers and first-time volunteers.

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Fundraising operations and risk management

From comprehensive risk assessments to strategic planning, our resources empower you to run safe, successful and risk free fundraising initiatives.

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Library of Canva and Excel templates

From eye-catching event flyers to comprehensive budget spreadsheets, the toolbox has everything you need to organise your next fundraiser.

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Resources and ideas

Toolbox at a glance

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Order form templates

Selection of ready-to-use order forms for fetes and fundraising events

Guides and handbooks

Comprehensive guides to help you navigate fundraising like a pro

To-do lists

Handy checklists for convenors and other key volunteer roles

DIY templates

Do it yourself templates to help you save time and get creative

Canva designs

Customisable Canva templates to create captivating event collateral

Risk management templates

Suite of risk management tools for every aspect of your next fete

Letter templates

Heartfelt letter templates to connect with your fundraising community

Miscellaneous goodies

A smorgasbord of other interesting tools and tips for volunteers

Fundraiser volunteer speaking on the phone

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The Whisperer's Toolbox is a game-changer for school and club volunteers planning fundraising events. Instead of reinventing the wheel, access 100s of tools, templates, and resources designed to streamline your planning process.

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