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AJL Fundraising Group is an award-winning Australian Company with over 25 years of fundraising experience.

Being a part of a fun, seamless fundraiser is easy for your school, sporting club or community group to help reduce the carbon footprint.

We are proud our Gold4good Fundraisers for schools, sporting clubs and community groups is now one of our highest revenue raisers on the calendar. We help build successful fundraisers that engage your entire community in a unique way that doesn't affect household finances yet raises record-breaking funds.

Our most recent Gold4good ® fundraiser had an average household donation of $252! How much could your school fundraiser achieve with your student numbers?

How it Works:

Gold4good ® school fundraisers allow participants to turn their old, broken and unwanted gold or silver jewellery into much-needed funds and bring hope to the next generation while raising significant funds for their school.

We work closely with your P&C to ensure every school fundraiser achieves outstanding results.

Why choose Gold4good as your next fundraiser?

  • No costs
  • High results
  • Our sustainable fundraising initiative is a form of recycling + you help reduce the carbon footprint
  • All materials supplied, including a no-cost Reply Paid post bag
  • An amazing choice of prizes from Apple, Woolworths and Coles Gift Cards

Limited Offer

  • Register before the end of Term 3 to receive 50% of any genuine gold or silver donations received.
  • Plus 100% of any Australian or Foreign cash donations.
  • In addition, a further $500 will be donated to your school over and above what your school fundraiser achieves.

Head over to our school fundraising page school-fundraising  for inspiration or visit our website or by email  or contact our National Fundraising Manager on 040 226 2566 with any queries. 

Request Information or go to our Registration Page to be a part of a break through in Australian Fundraising and raise more funds with record results.

It's a win for everyone! We look forward to planning your next Gold4good Fundraiser with you.


Gold4good Fundraising

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