Safety Food Kutter & Kiddies Food Kutter
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Safety Food Kutter & Kiddies Food Kutter

The perfect fundraising products - Made and owned in Australia!

Safety Food Kutter and Kiddies Food Kutter help make fundraising for your kindergarten, preschool, childcare, garden kitchen, or organisation simple and profitable.

The Safety Food Kutter/Kiddies Food Kutter Fundraisers are:

  • Quick and Easy to get running
  • Profitable
  • Promotes healthy eating, improves fine motor skills, and assists with hand-eye coordination
  • PLUS supports local Australian Businesses

With our Fundraiser Starter Kit, you can be on your way to running a successful Fundraiser in minutes! You can learn more about running your own Kiddies Food Kutter Fundraising Program by completing the form on our website.

We will then email you a Starter Pack, which includes the following:

  • Instructions on 'How to Run a Successful Fundraiser'
  • Order Forms
  • Marketing Material



Safety Food Kutter & Kiddies Food Kutter

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